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A game that teaches you the signs of the human trafficking. Download for free! (This game is rated T for teen)

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What is ACT!?

This story-based educational game will make you think twice about things you’ve never even noticed before. Download the free app and dive into the story. Immediately, you will witness your best friend Macy undergo drastic changes. Use your sleuth skills to identify red flags and warning signs of trafficking.

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How it works?

Use the assortment of resources at your fingertips to increase your awareness. Gather valuable information from your lifeline contacts. Learn the warning signs of Human Trafficking in a reference library. Apply this new insight to advance through the game, and seek help for Macy!

You will discover some of the many ways traffickers scout potential victims. See how victims are targeted and lured into situations they never could have imagined.

Everyone can play a role in identifying victims of human trafficking. An informed community member, classmate or peer could also be a victim’s link to freedom. One chance encounter could be a victim's best hope for rescue. Awareness Combats Trafficking!

Lifeboat Project

The mission of the Lifeboat Project is to increase awareness of human trafficking through training. The Lifeboat Project is driven to the prevention and education of individuals regarding human trafficking. In partnership with ECS (Engineering and Computer Simulations) ACT! was developed as a one of a kind educational gaming app for junior high and high school students.

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Create a Character Contest

Every character in ACT! started out as a sketch on piece of paper. Now we want your help! Show us your talent and sketch a character you would like to see in an upcoming episode of ACT!
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